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Mike Ashworth - Defining Success

When financial advisors are considering transitioning their business to a new firm, many expect that the transition process can be difficult. And Mike Ashworth, managing director of Ashworth Financial Group, acknowledges it’s not easy—but that it’s definitely been worth it.

Since he’s broken away from the wirehouse to join LPL, he can also attest that another commonality holds true—that many who break away wish they’d done it sooner. Looking back to 18 months ago when he was still with a wirehouse, he notices a marked difference now that the headaches, red tape, and bureaucracy have been removed. And he’s not the only one noticing the difference. “When your own children come up to you and make a comment that they notice a difference in your demeanor only after a couple of days into a transition, you know you've made the right move,” he said.

“We have so much more time now to devote to other things, not having to deal with those headaches. And it allows us to run our business much simpler and easier."

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